Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Current Favourites
As August closed in and we begin to jump into the chaos that is September, I thought I'd share some of my favourites from the past few weeks. I have to confess that I'm not too sad to see the back of the dismal summer. Whilst the hiatus was reasonably enjoyable, I have to admit the novelty wore off quite quickly for me. I'm a creature of habit and crave routine and the sharpness that it restores in me....I know, WILD, right? ;) Without further ado, I'll crack on with my little discoveries over the past few weeks.
First and foremost, I think we can unanimously agree on the brilliance of US presidential candidate, Donald Trump on the quality of his articulate, intelligent debates of recent times. Not to mention his adulation of women ("slobs", "dogs" etc.) and how this greatly serves the feminist cause....
I am of course being facetious classing Trump as a "current favourite". It seems absolutely laughable that Tump, who's agenda for America seems so misguided, compounded with the fact that he has been forced to declare bankruptcy four times, is actually being considered as a serious contender. In many ways, following the debates he has given has been a guilty pleasure of mine, because there is something quite fascinating about how ludicrous the situation is. It's pretty dire when you can genuinely class his hair as better than the quality of his debate...
Anyway, tangent aside, time to get cracking on my actual current favourites! Fashion wise, my go-to dressy outfit of late has been a co-ord set from Missguided. It features white shorts with a deep red floral embroidery around the border  and a crop top with a split back in the same pattern. I absolutely love this outfit as I think it looks far more expensive than it actually is. The shorts were just €14 with the top coming in at €28 and free delivery to boot. I wore this outfit on a staff night out as well as last night showing my face to Fresher's Week! I decided to pair it with rose gold jewellery as I think it compliments the burgundy detailing well. I simple wore a delicate necklace, a watch from Penneys at €9 and rooted out a suitable clutch.
Now, when it comes to skincare, I have to admit that I'm far too lax. If there's an option to use a face wipe, nine times out of ten I'll give in. I have been marginally better recently however and it's all down to a cleansing oil I've been obsessed with, the Úna Brennan Super Facialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil jeez, that's a mouthful...Full of some really nourishing, natural ingredients, like olive, grapeseed and rosehip oil, this cleanser is a real tonic for the skin and leaves a velvet like texture once removed. I normally don't like the feel of oil products on my skin, but I can put up with this one for the results it gives. When it comes in contact with water it turns into a milky consistency too, so it's pretty bearable! Like the other ranges by Úna Brennan, the Vitamin C+ products really don't disappoint and leave a nice radiant finish. Whilst it is a great make up remover, I have been using a separate cleanser to remove my eye make up, because I do have quite sensitive eyes. For that task, I've been using Lancôme’s Bi-Facil Makeup Remover (a recent present from my legend of a granny!)  This is a bi-phase product, so just needs a bit of a shake before applying some to a cotton pad and using all over the face. I just use this as an eye makeup remover and have absolutely been loving it, because it doesn't sting or cause any redness to flare up around the eyes.
Y'all better let me finish before you deem me as crazy when you hear my next favourite, it's the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm, which I have been using as a primer! Although this sounds very bizarre, it actually kind of makes sense as it contains glycerine, an ingredient in a lot of primers. YouTuber,  NikkieTutorials pioneered this ingenious idea and so many people have followed suit. Last month I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give it a go and I was surprisingly impressed. Not only is it less expensive than a lot of primers, I really felt it made my skin feel more soft and made my makeup go on very evenly. Whilst some people are put off by the notable masculine scent, I actually really like it, although it does not linger long once you apply your makeup. Give it a go if you're in the market for a new primer :)

The stunning beauty blogger and YouTuber, Fleur de Force, has recently launched a false eyelash collection in conjunction with Eylure and the results are uh-mazing! I have tried out the individual lashes and absolutely love them in terms of comfort, wear time and just how natural they look. Undoubtedly individual lashes take a little more time to apply then strip lashes, but they are a lot more lightweight and last much longer. A thumbs up from me!

Another new(ish) favourite collection of mine are the Kate Moss Nude Range from Rimmel available in six shades. I have loved the Kate Moss lipsticks forever and the nude collection certainly didn't disappoint. The shade I have been sporting recently is no. 42, more of a peach toned nude. The formulation of these lipsticks are amazing, really creamy and last a decent length of time. They have a slight sweet smell, but nothing too offensive and the packaging is also b-e-a-utiful, which I know shouldn't matter, but it somehow does! A great price point at €6.99 from Boots as well.

Onto slightly more random favourites now and the star find has to be Choc Shot from Sweet Freedom. Described as "liquid chocolate", I couldn't agree more...this must have been sent from the Gods! I've been putting it on everything from fresh berries to porridge. It's such an enigma to me that this can be categorised as reasonably healthy (the only ingredients are natural fruit extracts; apples, grapes & carob, water, cocoa, rapeseed oil and natural chocolate flavour ) because it tastes like liquidised chocolate brownies.....running to Dunnes this second, I bet? ;)

A second sweet favourite of mine is the Lindt salted caramel dark chocolate. As soon as you open this, the scent of it hits you and there's no turning back! There's just something about that classic sweet/salty combination that just can't be beaten. A necessary purchase to make those soon to be upcoming essay deadlines mildly easier! Speaking of back to college, I also invested in some of the Penneys rubber hair ties, which don't leave a kink in your hair when you take it down #winning #girlboss

The tv series that I binge watched in August was the gripping thriller starring Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson, The Fall. Set in Northern Ireland, it centres on a married bereavement counsellor, Paul Spector (Dornan) who appears to have the perfect life, both domestically and professionally. The reality couldn't be more opposite however. Spector is quickly established as a lethal individual who thrives on elaborate killings, always selecting female victims of a similar profile. He continues to avoid detection and his addiction spirals out of control. Each episode of The Fall ends on a cliff-hanger; it's the classic "just one more episode" type series that's well worth a watch. Both Dornan and Anderson prove phenomenal actors and the sub plots and themes picked up throughout the series reflect some of the grievances of the country, abuses in the church, violence in the North etc.
Last, but not least, I've really been loving chilled out music at the moment. Kiiiiinda deep-housey! Check out my top five tunes below:
 That's all from me :) I hope you enjoyed this weeks post and thank you so much for reading,

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