Monday, 6 July 2015


                                                          90's Throwback

Through a child's eyes the world is a playground; life is laughter and merriment. An assemblage of comical and bizarre anecdotes is distinctly associated with the word childhood for me; a word with such joyful connotations even to think it provokes an infectious smile. Being a 90's child, this week I've been reminiscing about what kind of books, films, music and activities I enjoyed whilst growing up and thinking about all the questionable fashion choices I made (most notably plastic 'high' heels in a variety of garish hues). I've had a ball letting my inner child lose for the week and jumping on the 90's express train. Have a read for a complete blast from the past!

A plethora of amazing books, films and music kick-start nostalgia for my childhood and I've been delving into some this week! The works of Enid Blyton, in particular The Famous Five, were a staple during my early years. I loved immersing myself in the world of Julian, Dick, Anne, George and of course Timmy the dog in the adventures they would get up to and hung on my father's every word as he narrated them in his colourful voice. There is something very comforting in recalling the stories you were read as a child, like catching up with an old friend you haven't seen in years. The familiarity is soothing. Later on the works of Noel Streatfield and of course the hallmark novels of the decade, Harry Potter, captivated my attention and fuelled my love of language from an early age.

Of course a post about the 90's would be nothing without some seriously cringey music that you hate to love! "90's music" and "guilty pleasures" are pretty much synonymous and this week has been a continuous stream of  Destiny's Child, Usher and N-Sync. The playlist I've been blaring was created by bloggers Anna Gardner and Lily Pebbles entitled "Anna and Lily's Teenage Throwback"; too good not to check out!

When it comes to my favourite films, Mrs Doubtfire is a tough one to knock off the top spot. It really exemplifies Robin Williams at his comedic best, a blend of witty one liners, flaming intelligence and just the right amount of slapstick. I've seen it so often I can practically recite the entire film off, yet it still doesn't lose its charm. It also recalls some amazing evenings spent with one of my best friends which makes it extra special.

If there are two things that taste like my childhood (aside from sand-laden baguettes at the beach!) it's Angel Delight and Coke floats! No birthday was complete without Angel Delight, so artificial and brightly coloured it was but so delicious. This week has taught me that some things never affinity for the bizarre magic powder has not faded!

Most of my youth was spent outdoors playing rounders, "Tip the Can", "Hide and Seek" or "Stuck in the Mud". There was nothing quite like the exhilaration of running around in the fresh air with friends, throwing oneself into these so-called 'games' with a fervent passion, believing their outcome was of the upmost importance. This week I recruited some of the troops to come and look daft with has to be done sometimes!

Finally, as far as outfits went this week I've been indulging my toddler fantasies and wearing everything from scrunchies to whimsical frilly socks! When I think of 90's fashion, I immediately think double-denim, as sported by Britney and Justin circa 2001. The trend needn't be that tragic however, if you mix the tones of denim. Here I'm wearing a Topshop denim waistcoat from their vintage range and a New Look high waited skirt.

Grunge is another trend that springs to mind when you think 90's. Doc Martens, crop tops and check shirts help give the pretence of "cool", even if like me you're far from it ;)

That's all folks!
I do hope you enjoyed. Until next Monday,
                                                                 Amy. x

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